Why the Dog?

CCP/AdHoc series/ ‘Why the Dog?’ is a co-creation by Mariela Nestora (GR) and Stephanie Felber (DE) who met during the Ricean School of Dance in Hydra 2016.  The project evolved through residencies in Berlin ( Institut fur alles mogliche) and in Athens (Kinitiras) presented in both cities, as part of In Progress Festival, Kinitiras.

Stephanie and Mariela, operating as choreographers, performers and co-authors,  worked by shifting continuously between dancing and writing in order to make space for a common to emerge rather than continuing with or imposing preconceived choreographic ideas. During this process of both exchanging and letting go of choreographic concerns already addressed in our own individual works, common interests arose: the use of gesture (and its history in contemporary dance), horizontal and vertical composition methods, long duration physical tasks, language games, object- language relationships all of which were also informed by the Situationist movement.

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