The Collective Choreography Project was initiated in March 2013 at Self Organised Theatre Embros, Athens. CCP was instigated by Mariela Nestora with the intention to create opportunities to meet, exchange, collaborate, share methods and co-create with fellow choreographers.

In Untitled series five choreographers based in Athens Greece, collaborate to create a series of solo performances. Mariela Nestora, Iris Karayan, Maria Koliopoulou, Katerina Skiada and Kostas Tsioukas co-created Untitled #1, #2, #3, #4.

In Entitled series choreographers resident in different countries work together to co-create a solo performance, a co-creation also mediated by Skype. Choreographers Mariela Nestora, Fotis Nikolaou, Carolyn Deby and Patrick Faurot-Pigeon co-choreograph UMIDITA.

In Ad Hoc series choreographers, collectives or groups of artists based in different countries collaborate, exchange and co-create group performances and/or public space events. In the public space project ‘UNauthorized’ CCP (GR) collaborated with collective Federacija Deluje (SI). “Why the Dog?” was co-created and performed by Stephanie Felber (DE) and Mariela Nestora (GR).

CCP was presented during Symposium ‘Before and After’ at IETM meeting in Athens. After presentation and eating a discussion revolving around our guests’ questions evolved.

Collective Choreography Project is ongoing, looking for ways to open up possibilities of co-creation, exchange and collaboration between choreographers from different parts of the world.




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